Thursday, 30 June 2022

Latest & Trending Mehendi Designs For 2022 Brides

Latest & Trending Mehendi Designs For 2022 Brides

Mehendi plays an important role in our country and its rituals. As you may have noticed that any auspicious function is incomplete without mehendi. Be it a wedding, Eid, Raksha Bandhan or even Karwachauth, every event involves Mehendi. Well, it's rightly said that it completes the shringaar of any woman. In recent times, we saw some men shattering the stereotypes and applying mehndi design to their hands.

Indian weddings and mehndi go hand-in-hand. To add to your wedding functions, we have handpicked the latest mehendi designs that you can incorporate into your bridal mehendi for your 2022 wedding season. These pretty mehndi design options are trending, personalised and quirky which will add love to your wedding day.

Best Mehendi Designs For 2022 Brides
1. Personalised messages like F1 race and Video games
2. Delicate Flowers on the Mehndi Design
3. Can you spot the Tiger in her Mehendi?
4. Always on your top Game with Queen and King cards!
5. Paw-dorable! How About You Get your Cute Dog on your Bridal Mehendi?
6. Include your Wedding Vows in the Mehendi
7. OTT Mehendi Design for Extravaganza Brides
8. Couple Portraits with #Friends Reference!
9. The Couple Portrait from their Engagement Ceremony is Going Viral On The Net!


Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Prettiest Monotone Red Bridal Outfits That Are Perfect For Your Wedding Functions

 Prettiest Monotone Red Bridal Outfits That Are Perfect For Your Wedding Functions

Lately, we have seen numerous brides opt for all sorts of colours when it comes to their bridal outfits. These colours range from pastels to heavily embroidered outfits with a burst of colour and whatnot. However, we also know that the bright colour palette is not for every bride. So, if you’re the sort of bride who thinks that there’s a certain gracefulness to one colour, this blog is for you. Today we are highlighting monotone red bridal outfits that are simply divine. From your bridal outfit to the one you’ll wear to your cocktail function, scroll below to get major inspo from these real brides who slay in monotone red!

Real Brides in Monotone Red Bridal Outfits

Sweet & Simple Monotone Red Outfits for Your Roka Ceremony
Well, there are a lot of pros and cons of a monotone outfit. The pro in this scenario is that if you opt for a monotone red outfit for your roka ceremony, you will look absolutely ravishing without going over with your look for the night. And, since this particular function doesn’t require a lot of oomph, monotone red will be just right!

Stunning Red Monotone Bridal Outfits for The Cocktail Ceremony
The one function which requires you to go all out with your bridal look is the cocktail or sangeet ceremony. You can go with embellishments, thread work, sequins and whatnot. And, if you want to truly make a statement and stand out, we recommend opting for a monotone outfit. Ladies, trust us, the red will come out so well and if you go for red work on the base red colour, the piece will become stupendous!

Pretty Monotone Red Lehengas & Sarees for The Wedding Day
It is a fact that red is a colour that crosses every single Indian bride’s mind for her wedding day outfit. However, with so many variations out there, one can go with any kind of outfit. But, if you’re like us and you truly appreciate the colour, we recommend going with a monotone bridal red lehenga for your big day. Ladies, trust us that the embroidery work, weaving technique, and design will speak for themselves and make you look like a million bucks!

Gltizy Monotone Red Outfit Designs for Your Reception
Now if you don’t want to go with red for your big day, you can always opt for a monotone red colour outfit for your reception function. The colour itself is so traditional and beautiful that you will be able to achieve whatever bridal look you have in your mind. Scroll below and take inspiration from these real brides who looked scintillating at their reception function!

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Best Bridal Outfits to Opt for According to your Zodiac Sign

Best Bridal Outfits to Opt for According to your Zodiac Sign
While there are a plethora of bridal outfit options available for brides in today’s time, finding the right outfit can be a real task; and one that’s very time-consuming. Lucky for you, we have a very convenient way for you to decide what kind of a bride you want to be at your wedding functions. Let your zodiac sign decide for you what type of a bridal outfit you should go for, for your wedding functions.

So, if you’re intrigued to know what your zodiac sign has in store for you, scroll below and find out!

What Type of Outfit You Should Pick Depending on Your Zodiac Sign

The Aries bride has a bold, daring and sultry personality and that will thoroughly be visible in her bridal outfit. She likes to do things her way so don’t be surprised if she comes trotting in a very powerful bridal outfit.

And, if you’re an Aries bride, we recommend you opt for a grand bridal outfit like the one below!



The Taurus bride loves the simple pleasures of life. An Earth sign represented by the bull, the Taurus bride is most likely to don a luxurious outfit that doesn’t need to necessarily be grand but should be elite enough for her to make a statement. So, to all our Taurus brides out there, we recommend a simple yet elite bridal outfit like the one below!



The Gemini bride is going to have a ton of stories about her wedding dress. She’s one trendsetter who likes to be experimental and playful with her outfits, Gemini brides are surely going to make a statement at their wedding functions.

So, to you ladies, we recommend a very fun, experimental, and playful outfit that will have a great story to it!

People who belong to this sign have a lot of emotions and will stay true to their family traditions and beliefs. As for the Cancer brides, this quality will play a very big role when choosing the bridal outfit. We think all you ladies with this zodiac sign will opt for a very traditional and meaningful outfit that will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces!

So, we recommend a very nice and traditional bridal outfit to you lot.

They say, “the devil is in the detail” and no other sign than Virgo can relate more to this quote. Virgo brides will prefer a simpler outfit but one with the most intricate details. You ladies will be most comfortable in donning an outfit that has a plethora of details but fewer frills and that’s why we recommend you go with something similar to what we’ve found for you!
For the Leo ladies, more is more. There’s no holding back when it comes to making a statement and making sure that all eyes are on you. Naturally, when you ladies will pick your bridal outfit, it will be grand, loud and so stunning that it will be the talk of the town!

Scroll below to see what we recommend to you stunners for your wedding functions!                                                 
People who have the Libra sign are very thoughtful and this quality will play a key role in deciding what you want to wear. While you will eventually opt for an elegant and fine detailed outfit, what your other half wants you to wear will play a big role.

But, keeping in mind the elegant and rich vibe brief, we have found an elegant outfit for you to take inspiration for!

The Scorpio sign is known for its sex appeal and your outfit is most likely to be sultry, mystique, and filled with hidden elements. Now you may not want to show that you want attention directly but you’d want it to be said with your outfit and that’s why we have found the most gorgeous lehenga that you can get inspired from!

Sagittarius signs love to throw a big party and dress for the occasion. Oh, and let's not forget how flirty, fun, and adventurous the sign is. That’s why we’ve hunted for an outfit that reflects all of these qualities of yours. Scroll below and see for yourself!
People born with a Capricorn sign love to look sharp and put together. They’d be fine with a classic wedding outfit but that outfit should have structured details that highlight their best body parts. So, for you ladies to be able to flaunt that amazing body along with looking sharp, we have found a gorgeous bridal outfit below!
Unconventional when it comes to making decisions and unconventional also when it comes to picking her bridal outfit. The Aquarius bride is no ordinary one. Uniqueness is what excites her so we had to think out of the box for this one. However, we were able to find a stupendous bridal outfit for you to take inspiration from!

The people who belong to the Pisces sign are spiritual, dreamy, and intuitive so naturally, the Pisces bride will opt for a dreamy outfit unlike anything else. The outfit should be so stunning and true to your personality dear Piscian that your heart will be full!


Here’s How You Can Incorporate Roses at Your Wedding

 Here’s How You Can Incorporate Roses at Your Wedding

When we talk about an Indian wedding, somewhere or the other we can imagine roses being implemented. Whether a bride is getting this flower put in her bridal hairdo or using it as a decor element on her big day. So, if you too can imagine one of the most traditional flowers at your wedding but want to implement it wherever you can scroll below. Brides, some of these rose elements are so unique and good that you won’t be able to help but simply run at these suggestions!

Here’s How You Can Include Roses At Your Wedding

Roses for Your Decor

The decor that you choose for your wedding functions has to be well thought out. It defines the taste of you and your other half so obviously, a lot has to go into the planning of the decor. If you guys enjoy a romantic vibe that also executes a sophisticated and elegant vibe, we recommend opting for the popular roses for the wedding decor. Ladies, not only will it look beautiful but will also smell divine!





Roses for Your Bridal Hairdo

Rose is probably the most popular choice for brides when we talk about the bridal hairdo. The intense colour of the flower comes out so well whether you pair baby's breath flowers or some other colour of flowers with roses. So, whether you wear a red bridal outfit or even a pastel one, trust roses to amp up your bridal hairdo.

Roses for Your Floral Jewellery
If you want to wear floral jewellery for your mehendi function or your haldi function, we recommend opting for rose floral jewellery. Well for one, roses look fabulous no matter in what shade. Secondly, we’ve seen so many new variations of rose floral jewellery that the options out there are plenty. Scroll below to see how these real brides slew in their rose floral jewellery below. 

Rose Kaleeras For Your Big Day
Ladies, you’d be shocked to hear that the trends have really changed and now rose kaleeras are a thing. And, this does include both the metal kaleeras with roses and those real rose kaleeras that are trending like anything right now. These are perfect if you’re looking to add freshness to your overall bridal look. Scroll below to take major inspiration from these real brides!