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Amazing Dupatta Shots To SAVE NOW For Your Wedding Album


Amazing Dupatta Shots To SAVE NOW For Your Wedding Album

When it comes to bridal portraits, it's always better to have plenty of options to show your photographer before the wedding functions. And, one such bridal portrait which is a must is a dupatta shot. I mean, aren’t your wedding photos going to be incomplete without this quintessential portrait?

So, if you want a classic dupatta shot, we have managed to find the ones that you can show to your photographer before the big day.

Scroll below and see for yourself!

Latest Bridal Dupatta Shots

Go for a Close-Up Dupatta Shot

The ideal dupatta shot would be a very close-up one where it's just your pretty face and the dupatta in the frame. Ladies, these shots are considered to be classic cuz no matter what colour lehenga you’re wearing, what type of makeup you’ve got done or what jewellery you’re donning, a close-up dupatta shot will come out exceptionally well.

Scroll below and check out these real brides’ stunning close-up dupatta shots!

Latest Bandhani Bridal Outfits We Handpicked For The Real Brides-to-be


Latest Bandhani Bridal Outfits We Handpicked For The Real Brides-to-be

A lot of old fabrics and designs have come back in fashion over the past couple of years. And, one such fabric or textile is no other than ‘bandhani’. A type of tie-dye textile, bandhani is dominating Indian fashion now more than ever. We’ve spotted a plethora of brides opt for a bandhani outfit for their wedding functions, pre-wedding festivities, and even for their wedding trousseau. So, if lately, you too have been fascinated by this majestic fabric and want to wear a bandhani outfit to your upcoming wedding, then scroll below to check out what all is exactly out there!

Latest Bandhani Outfits For Brides

Bandhani Dupattas Are a Hit!

The most common way to add bandhani to your outfit is opting for a bandhani dupatta. Your outfit may be full of intricate threadwork or lavish embellishment work but if you add a colourful bandhani dupatta to it, your entire look will get amped up. Scroll below and check out these brides who went with a bandhani dupatta with their bridal outfits!

Monday, 29 August 2022

Mirror Work Saree Designs That We Simply Love For Indian Brides-to-be!

 As a to-be bride, you have to have your fair share of Indianwear outfits ready whether you wear them on your wedding functions, post-wedding outings or traditional functions. For such moments, we recommend that you have lighter Indianwear outfits in your wardrobes such as saris and Indo-western outfits. And, talking about saris, what is trending right now is a mirror work sari. Ladies, mirror work is the right amount of formal, looks elegant, and is very fun to wear. Scroll below to see the different types of mirror work saris that you can invest in for your wedding trousseau or your intimate wedding function.

Latest Mirror Work Saree Designs

Pastel Sari with Heavy Mirror Work 

The scallop border is a relatively newer trend in bridal wear but it's already loved by so many brides. If you too are a fan of this design then simply merge scallops with mirror work!

Lime Green Sari With Mirror Work

If you want to wear a bold and loud colour such as lime green, mirror work can help tone down the loudness and bring a tad traditional element to your sari!

We say that you go for something similar!

Mirror Work in Lines Please!

For another bold sari option, we present to you this one-of-a-kind mirror work done in lines on the sari. It is stunning, traditional, fun to wear and will suit every body type!

Katrina Kaif's Mirror & Foil Work Sari

Kaif is known for her choice of Indian wear, especially saris. The actress has time and time again been on top of the trends and has wowed us. This time we are swooning over her pastel pink mirror and foil work sari. I mean, isn't it just stunning!?

Latest and Trending Engagement Ring Designs

 Latest and Trending Engagement Ring Designs

There are two things that couples carry forward in their marriage from their wedding celebration- one, their love, and second, their engagement rings. 

If you've decided to be with your partner your life, then your next step will probably be a proposal. And what makes a proposal a legit thing is, of course, an engagement ring. Getting engaged is a huge step in your life. Add the perfect ring to it, and you've got yourself a massive memorable moment. However, when you're securing the ideal engagement ring, there are many factors to consider including your budget and the ring's design. Economic reasons aside, putting a big, dull rock on your hand isn't going to win you many compliments. But when you have a unique ring design that screams 'you' from a mile away, then that super sparkly rock is totally worth it. 

The old rules have gone out the window – today, it’s all about the individual and the engagement ring that reflects their style, taste, and values. There is a sparkler out there for every budget. So if you’re planning to propose – or need to give your other half some ideas on what to buy – scroll down to check out various engagement ring designs to find your perfect match!

Latest and Trending Engagement Ring Designs

A Beautiful 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This gorgeous engagement ring is encrusted with three stones, one in the centre and the other smaller ones on the sides. It's one of the most common ring designs chosen for engagements and the rose-tinted gold band on the ring gives it a unique Violette shine that we love. 

 A Larger Than Life Yellow Diamond Ring

When it comes to gorgeous and large diamond rings, the best place to splurge is Tiffany & Co. This square yellow diamond is probably the perfect choice for someone who enjoys a flare of colour on their ring finger. 

Twinkling Blue Engagement Rings Never Disappoint

Minimal, elegant and gorgeous from every angle, this light blue sapphire and diamond ring is a great choice for those who wish for something minimal yet something that 

Unique Sapphire Baguette Ring

A gorgeous 3-carat blue sapphire set in 14k white gold makes this ring an absolute dream. It's a simple yet elegant way of conveying to your partner your faithfulness, honesty and sincerity. Furthermore, the minimal design of this ring is sure to charm your partner.

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Quirky Stage Decor Ideas to Bookmark for the 2022 Wedding Season

 Quirky Stage Decor Ideas to Bookmark for the 2022 Wedding Season

Whether it is your cocktail function or your wedding day, you do require a stage for multiple reasons such as the ceremonies, to party at, and even for the varmala exchanging ceremony. So, it is only natural to want a dreamy stage decor that will not only have your guests’ jaws dropping but will make you and your other half also feel special. That’s why to inspire you and help you speed up the wedding decor planning, we have found the ultimate stage decor ideas that are trending like anything right now.

Latest Stage Decoration Ideas

Floral Stage Decor

The floral decor is a no-brainer. No matter what flower you end up picking, your stage will look stupendous simply because flowers add that extra pop. This decor element is one of the oldest ones and has stuck around for decades simply because it's a classic. So, if classic is what you like, check out these floral stage decors.

Chic Rustic Stage Decor

We’re recommending a rustic stage decor to that lot who wants a stage on their mehendi function or are having day functions. Rustic decor gives a very chic and mystical vibe and since not a lot of people opt for it, you have the chance to stand out by implementing this for your stage. Scroll below to take inspiration from these weddings!

Friday, 29 July 2022

Real Brides Who Wore Maang Tikka & Passa Combination

 Real Brides Who Wore Mang Tikkas & Passas Together: Minimal to Oversized Designs

When it comes to a bride’s look on her wedding day, nothing is less. It's always, more is more, and for all the right reasons. After all, when are you going to be able to dress up like this again? Never right!? That’s why we think you should go all out and the easiest way to achieve that is by donning not just a maang tikka but also a passa on your big day. Yes, we think you should go with both pieces of jewellery for your big day. Not only will you look ravishing but everyone will remember your bridal look for years to come.

Scroll below to check out the brides who donned a maang tikka and passa together on their big day and nailed their bridal looks!

Real Brides Who Wore Maang Tikka & Passa Combination

Minimal Maang Tikka & Passa Designs 

If you want to opt for both the head jewellery pieces together but don’t want them to be the focal point in your bridal look, we recommend going for smaller-sized passa and maang tikka. It is literally the best of both worlds as you’ll be able to wear both the jewelry pieces without having them overpower your bridal look!

Oversized Passa & Maang Tikka Combo Ideas 

Now, if you’re a bride who likes oversized jewellery pieces and wants to highlight your jewellery or flaunt your heirlooms, we think you should opt for the biggest-sized passa and maang tikka. Go with an outfit that isn’t too heavy or is in a dark hue and we promise your overall bridal look will come out exceptionally well together!

Scroll below and take major inspiration from these real brides below!

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist Guide to Bookmark For Newly-Wed Couples

 Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist Guide to Bookmark For Newly-Wed Couples

Your honeymoon is the time when you and your partner get to know each other as husband and wife. You may have been dating, but take this time to get to know the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. Undoubtedly, planning a honeymoon is stressful especially since most of the energy is devoted to the madness of wedding planning.

Don't panic! We have put together a basic checklist that will help you plan the most amazing honeymoon ever! Follow these simple steps and we guarantee your honeymoon will be the vacation of a lifetime! Let's take a look.

Honeymoon Checklist Guide

1. Planning in Advance

This should go without saying but can sometimes get lost in the flurry of wedding planning. Do not forget to plan your honeymoon! Not only would it be the first vacation for you two as husband and wife, but also a time to wind down from the wedding celebrations.

Talk to your partner about possible destinations

Budget the trip

Plan time off from work

Research offers from various travel agents for tour packages, honeymoon specials etc.

2. Reservations Galore

You want to be prepared for this trip before it even begins. Book all stays, transport options, airport transfers, sightseeing options, etc. Look up dining options and see whether you require prior reservations for the same. You want your honeymoon to be blissed out, and relaxing. You don't want to spend your time with your spouse scrambling to find transport or reservations. Don't leave anything to chance.

Book stay options (hotels, homestays, resorts etc)

Book transport to and fro airport/train station etc.

Book transport within the destination for daily use

Make dining reservations

Look for couples activities offered in the area and make reservations

3. Documents

If travelling internationally, check for visa requirements much ahead of the travel date. For most international travel, your passport needs to be valid for a minimum of six months: keep that in mind in case you have to renew your passport. Though we are in a digital age, it never hurts to have physical copies of your travel iternaries and documents in case of any emergency. It is best to be prepared.

Check passport validity

Apply for Visa (if required)

Make copies of all documents in case of emergency

4. Check COVID-19 Restrictions

The pandemic might seem like a distant dream, but many countries still have restrictions in place for international travellers. Look for these, and make arrangements accordingly. You don't want your trip interrupted by mandatory quarantines or specific vaccine requirements, make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date!

Check for entry requirements

Print vaccine certificate in case of emergency

Arrange for RT-PCR/Rapid tests as required

5. Timeline for Trip

No matter the duration of your trip, have a plan in place for your entire honeymoon. Many resorts offer couple activities like painting, sculpture, spa days etc. Do your research and chalk out a rough iternary. Sitting by the pool or beach sipping cocktails also counts as an activity! Remember, it is a trip for you to connect and bond with your partner - don't make it a strict timetable but have options in case the mood strikes.


Plan a rough iternary

Plan to see some new sights, and/or do an activity every day

Remember to sit back and chill!

6. Shopping List

Yes, shopping! Depending on what climate you are travelling to, you might need to purchase summer-wear, beach-wear, or winter clothes accordingly.

For beach/summer wear:

Pack swimsuits

Shorts, lighter clothing

Sunscreen! (very important!)

7. Don’t panic!

Most importantly, don't panic. Follow these easy steps and you are guaranteed to have the most stellar honeymoon! Remember, this time is just for your two - make the most of it. 

Final Words

We hope this checklist helps you plan an amazing and romantic honeymoon! Have a great time!