Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Here's How You Can Achieve A White & Gold Bridal Look!


Here's How You Can Achieve A White & Gold Bridal Look!

Ever since Bollywood diva Alia Bhatt tied the knot with the love of her life Ranbir Kapoor in a white and gold ensemble, this colour story is all we can focus on and notice on brides. Sure, this has been done a plethora of times before but it is just now that we have started realizing just how big the trend has become. That’s why today, we have scrolled through multiple Instagram handles to find real brides who incorporated white and gold in their bridal look somehow.

So, if you are intrigued, scroll below and get ready to bookmark some amazing white and gold bridal looks!

Here’s How You Can Incorporate White & Gold in Your Bridal Look

Bridal Accessories

Now you may not want to wear an outfit that consists of white and gold but you may want to implement this colour combination somehow. For you ladies, we have found the ultimate bridal accessories which would be perfect in white and gold tones. From footwear to kaleeras, scroll below to see how these brides made use of the white and gold colour.

More of Gold & Less of White in Your Outfit

If you want to go all out with this colour combination without having to compromise on your glam factor, we recommend that you go with an outfit that has more notes of gold compared to white in your bridal outfit. And, here’s how these real brides went for this colour combination on their wedding functions. 

More of White & Less of Gold in Your Outfit

Now we also have something for you brides who don’t want to go overboard with their outfits. Ladies, nothing is more in vogue than a good old white outfit with hints of gold to amp up your bridal outfit. And, if you’re having a day wedding then you will glow like never before in this colour combination!

Bridal Jewellery

Don’t want white and gold to dominate your bridal look? Fret not!

You can keep just the right amount of this colour scheme in your bridal look by incorporating them into your bridal jewellery. Ladies, trust us that the jewelry will get so much attention thanks to your contrasting bridal outfit!

Monday, 30 May 2022

Groom Outfit Inspo From Vicky Kaushal

When it comes to making a statement, we can trust not just the Bollywood actresses but also the Bollywood actors. From wowing us time and time again with their unique choices to pulling off a completely traditional outfit, these Bollywood actors sure know how to make our heartbeats fast.

One such actor who is always at the forefront in making a style statement has to be Vicky Kaushal and with his wedding looks, the actor has completely upped the game for everyone else.

So whether you are a to-be groom who needs inspiration or the best man at a wedding, scroll below to bookmark our favourite Vicky Kaushal traditional wear looks.

Groom Outfit Inspo From Vicky Kaushal
Kaushal’s Immaculate Bandgalas
Whether he is headed out for a Diwali party or wearing a band gala at one of his wedding functions, Kaushal has proved to us that nobody can pull off a band gala as well as he can. A traditional silhouette, this one is definitely up for grabs if you’re tall, have a great physique, and intense looks just like Kaushal!

Vicky Kaushal Slaying in Kurta Pajamas

One of the most common Indian wear options for Vicky Kaushal is a kurta-pyjama set for all the right reasons. The silhouette in itself is so effortless and comfortable that one doesn’t need to put in a lot of effort to have their look come together.

Go for this set like Kaushal for your pre-wedding functions or for those intimate ones with your closest family members.

Look Dapper in a Suit Like Vicky Kaushal

Another silhouette that the actor clearly relies upon is a nice suit set. We’ve seen him get super experimental with his suits be it the choice of color or the silhouette in general. So, for your cocktail or reception function outfit, scroll below and take major inspiration from Vicky Kaushal!


Sunday, 29 May 2022

Check Out These Real Brides Who Looked Ravishing in a Manish Malhotra Gowns!

 Check Out These Real Brides Who Looked Ravishing in a Manish Malhotra Gowns!

It's a given fact that when it comes to the cocktail or reception function, brides like to go all out and opt for ravishing gowns. While we know many brides who opt for lehenga and sarees too but a chunk of them love to trot around in bridal gowns. Talking about gowns, designer Manish Malhotra has lately become the go-to designer for bridal gowns. Malhotra has over the years presented such an immaculate collection of gowns that brides cannot help but pick one for their cocktail or reception function. And, if you too are excited by the designer’s own collection and want to don one of his designs for your nuptial ceremonies then scroll below and check out these real brides. From gowns with sequins work to ones with embellishments, here’s a list of our favourite MM gowns of all times!

Real Brides in Manish Malhotra Gowns

Gowns With Embellishments

Well if there’s one thing that takes a gown to a whole new level, it is embellishments. While you do have the silhouette, embroidery work, and sequins to do their magic but embellishments are that addition that simply amps up your overall look. Scroll below to check out these drop-dead gorgeous Manish Malhotra embellished gowns!

Gowns With Sequins Work

Manish Malhotra is known for his sequins work. The designer has time and time again shown us how beautiful sequins can look if implemented correctly. Apparently, his gowns with sequins work are the most popular choice amongst all the brides. Scroll below to see some variations of them below!

Gowns That Have Threadwork

Malhotra hasn’t made a lot of gowns that have threadwork but the few that he has made are absolutely divine. These gowns are sophisticated, subtle and perfect for the modern bride.

We love how these real brides have slayed in their MM gowns!