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Minimal Monochrome Lehengas For Haldi & Where To Buy Them From

Minimal Monochrome Lehengas For Haldi & Where To Buy Them From

The terms 'Minimal' and 'Monochrome' may sound a bit boring to you, brides. But when it comes to bridal fashion, minimal monochrome lehengas are making waves in the fashion industry. And when it comes to outfits for pre-wedding functions like Haldi, minimal monochrome lehengas are a fabulous choice. They're neither too heavy nor too expensive, thus making them an ideal haldi outfit choice to dress up in for a function that can get, well, messy. 

Honestly, we're huge fans of minimal monochrome lehengas. They can be styled with various accessories and various types of hairstyles, based on the kind of vibe you're going for. 

Trendy, chic and elegant, here are some of our top minimal monochrome lehenga picks for your Haldi celebrations and where you can buy them!

Minimal Monochrome Lehengas For Haldi Ceremony

The Stunning Silene Lehenga

Designed by Anita Dongre, this beautiful golden yellow lehenga is dotted with countless red spring flowers. It's made with deliciously light fabric that makes it is ready to dance and twirl in. And one of the best things about this lehenga? It has pockets!

The Handwoven Shweta Lehenga

The Shweta lehenga by Label Earthen is a Banarasi handwoven lehenga that can be dressed up or down depending on the scale of your occasion. Crafted from banarasi handwoven buti fabric, this lehenga has Resham and beadwork with an antique gold lampi border. Plus, the matching blouse and Resham embroidered organza silk odhni with lovely pleat detailing at the edges add a dynamic touch to it!


The Contemporary Riya Lehenga 

From the modern designer closet of Ankita Dharman, this monochrome lehenga adorned with large yellow and white floral prints is a great choice for a fun haldi celebration. Plus, the V-neck blouse with balloon sleeves is hard to resist! 


The Elegant Mihira Lehenga 

Another beautiful Anita Dongre creation, this printed mustard lehenga in silk is dressed in motifs inspired by the flowers of  Ranthambore. This luxurious lehenga not only comes with pockets (we know, #finally!) but is also a great pick for a bright, sunny haldi ceremony.


Yellow Ombre Tiered Lehenga

This ombre lehenga in the shades of golden yellow and pink is a beauty from the label CinCin. The off-shoulder blouse and the tiered skirt comes gilded with gota pattie and tassel detailing and a floral motif and frill neckline that's sure to add some zazz to your closet!

The Off-beat Ruhaniyat Lehenga

With a lehenga covered in beadwork and exotic floral prints and a choli that's adorned with a sweetheart neckline and puffed sleeves, these peach coloured ensembles from Baise Gaba is a unique choice for a haldi celebration. One that will make you stand out, for sure!

The Gorgeous Chamomile Lehenga

This elegant ensemble with a panelled and printed skirt and a beautiful blouse with a square neckline should be a part of a bride's trousseau. It's intricately hand-embroidered and the floral chiffon fabric is flowy and wonderful.

A Flowy Yellow Floral Lehenga

Designed by Divya Kanakia, this jaw-dropping flowy yellow pleated lehenga with all-over floral printed motifs comes with a layered blouse that will make it a great addition to your celebration. It's easy to carry, not too hard on the wallet and just outright gorgeous!

Lime Green Embroidered Lehenga

First seen on Mouni Roy during her wedding celebrations, this beautiful Payal Singhal ensemble in lime green comes with mukaish detailing on the skirt and tassel and cowrie detailing on the blouse.

Sud Barg Lehenga & Crop Top

Perfect for an intimate haldi ceremony or even ethnic day celebrations at work, the Sud Barg lehenga and crop top set guarantees to see you through all your fashion needs. Featuring a modern blouse paired with an ethnic skirt, this mustard-coloured contemporary-traditional pairing is vibrant and versatile.

A Lovely Handpainted Lehenga

This golden yellow lehenga is covered with gorgeous pink and white lotus flowers and gotapatti. If you're a fan of handpainted outfits, then this one should be on your list!

Monday, 28 March 2022

Best Botanical Mandaps For 2022 Weddings

When it comes to the wedding decor, mandap is the most important thing to focus on. For one, that’s where the real magic is going to happen. Secondly, your guests may or may not notice any other decor trend but they sure will notice the mandap. This is why we say that giving in to trending things is probably the best thing. And, nothing is trending more than a botanical mandap right now.

Botanical mandaps are mandaps that are adorned with flowers, leaves, and all things tropical. These are no ordinary floral mandaps but a fancier version of them. So, if you are intrigued, scroll below and check out some botanical mandaps that are gorgeous!

Best Botanical Mandaps For 2022 Weddings

Classic Botanical Mandaps

For years we have seen those classic botanical mandaps at real weddings that have fresh colourful flowers and a good chunk of greens. These mandaps are probably the safest choice to go with whether you’re having a day wedding or a night one. So, if you want to stick to the mandap you have grown up seeing, we recommend opting for a classic botanical mandap just like these!                                                                                                             



Exotic Pink Mandaps

While you may have seen those pastel pink mandaps for day weddings, recently exotic pink mandaps have come into the limelight. Ladies, these mandaps are perfect for those who want to make a statement with the decor at their wedding. Oh, and these look simply breathtaking during the daytime!

Scroll below and see our top picks of exotic pink mandaps.            


 Foresty Mandaps

If you’ve always been fascinated by rustic decor then foresty mandaps are for you. Foresty mandaps are those mandaps that have a rustic vibe, natural elements like tree barks, grapevines, and flowers. These mandaps are simply perfect for intimate weddings, beachside weddings, and also for boho-themed weddings!                        


Minimalistic White Floral Botanical Mandaps

While there are couples who enjoy having all things bold at their wedding ranging from the outfits to the decor, there are a plethora of couples who enjoy the minimalistic decor and for them, we recommend these gorgeous mandaps with muted hues. Not only are these mandaps easy on the eyes but these are also trending like anything!     


Tropical Botanical Mandaps

Mad Hatter couples, where you at?

These tropical mandaps are like a match made in heaven for y’all! From elements such as banana leaves to pampas grass, a lot of unique materials are used to create an exotic vibe. So, if you and your other half are fans of all things eccentric then we strongly recommend opting for tropical botanical mandaps similar to the ones we have listed below.


Friday, 25 March 2022

Foliage Varmalas Are Trending & How!

 Foliage Varmalas Are Trending & How!

Exchanging the varmala is one of the oldest wedding traditions and it is believed as a symbol of acceptance of ritual by the bride and the groom. In ancient times, the flower options for the varmala were very limited but now there are a plethora of flowers you can opt for. And, if you want to be unconventional then we’ve found the perfect jaimala option for you. Introducing foliage varmalas!

Foliage varmalas are varmalas made of collective leaves. These give a super exotic look, are unconventional and if you’re having a day wedding then this varmala is the perfect option. Scroll below to see the different types of foliage varmalas you can go with for your upcoming 2022 wedding!

Popular Foliage Varmalas For 2022 Weddings

Foliage Varmalas With Hints of Flowers

Foliage in itself is very beautiful but if you’d like a little bit of colour to your varmala, we suggest opting for this category. The little flowers in between the foliage look so good and pop out so well that you’ll have something unconventional and beautiful at the same time. Scroll below to check out these real brides’ foliage jaimala with flowers.

Elegant Foliage Varmalas

If you’re not a fan of those heavy varmalas, we suggest that you opt for elegant foliage jaimala. Ladies, these sleek varmalas look very sophisticated and if you’re planning on having a day wedding, then these varmalas are a perfect choice!

Thick Foliage Varmalas

They say go big or go home for a reason!

If you want to go all out with your varmala, we recommend going with thick foliage jaimala designs. These are loud, statement-making and beautiful. And, if you and your to-be husband are donning a dark color on the wedding day then the foliage varmala is going to look epic!

Thursday, 24 March 2022

Trending Engagement Ring Designs That Have Our Hearts Beating Fast!

 Trending Engagement Ring Designs That Have Our Hearts Beating Fast!

Growing up, we all have dreamed of someday getting a grand proposal that will become perfect after we get the engagement ring of our dreams. From bookmarking ring designs to checking out the most surreal celebrity engagement rings, we ladies have done it all.

So, if you think that your college sweetheart should have a fair idea about the sort of engagement rings you approve of, then this blog is for you. Ladies, we have found the ultimate ring designs that have our hearts beating so hard. Scroll below and get ready to be dazzled!

Breathtaking Engagement Ring Designs

Broad Ring Designs

Ladies one of the most popular ring designs is the broad one. Broad rings take more space on your ring finger and are easily visible from afar. These rings are made for those who want others to notice the diamond within a second. So, if you like bling, we recommend opting for this ring design.


Grand Ring Designs

Ah, who isn’t fond or those over-the-top ring designs which are so huge and so grand that you would probably bookmark these as soon as you lay your eyes on them. So, if you believe in more is more then we recommend that you send these ring designs to your to-be groom to give him a fair idea of what you want!




Sleek Ring Designs

If you’re a fan of all things sophisticated, then this category is made for you. And, let’s not forget that your engagement ring is going to be on that finger forever so why not go with something which would also feel super comfy?

So, if you resonate with all these points dear to-be brides then we’ve found some immaculate sleek ring design options for you! Your engagement ring is going to be on that finger forever and you need something that reflects you and will make you feel comfortable at all times. That’s why we have hunted for the perfect sleek rings for you which are every ounce of sophistication and elegance. Scroll below and take your pick!

Unique Ring Designs

Ah, let’s not forget that the beauty about unique designs is that there cannot be a replica of the same which means that you’re donning something that is one-of-a-kind. If even the thought of wearing something so unique excites you then ladies we think that this category is made for you. Introducing unique ring designs which are so surreal and rare that you’d hardly ever find any other woman donning the same ring (unless she gets yours copied!)

Scroll below and take your pick!