Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Interesting Thank You Favors for Wedding Guests

 Now that you’re done & dusted with your wedding shenanigans, it’s time you thank those special ones, without whom your big day wouldn’t have been as special. Yes, we’re talking about your beloved guests who added all the fun & life to your blissful nuptials. From travelling all their way to your wedding festivities to setting the stage on fire with their non-stop dancing and lending you a helping hand in planning every little and big event, your guests left no stone unturned to make your wedding a memorable affair. And for all the love & affection they poured you with, they definitely deserve a token of thanks. No, not those cliche mithai ka dabbas but some wedding thank you gifts for your guests that are unique yet meaningful! Down here we’ve listed some of the best thank you gifts for your guests. Shower your favourite people with the quirkiest one and let them know they matter!

Interesting Thank You Favors for Wedding Guests

A Basket Full of Goodies What works better than a basket loaded with edible tasty treats? Sounds interesting? Well, all you've gotta do is pick a huge basket or a potli bag and get it stuffed with yummy munchies like caramelized popcorns, a handful of granola bars, nachos or potato chips. Trust us, your guests would totally relish it!

A Personalised Hamper Since personalized gifts are the new fad, how about you gift your guests a cute personalized hamper that instantly reminds them of your wedding and all the madness. It could be personalized T-shirts, fancy monogrammed wine bottles, or maybe photo frames along with handwritten notes (that's what Ranveer & Deepika gifted to their guests).

Something for their Home Decor A stunning lampshade, ornate floral vases, picturesque paintings or any other unique home decor element can make for a great thank you gift for your guests. It will not only find a special place in their homes but their hearts too.

Scrumptious Cookie Jars Put those usual bhaji boxes aside and replace them with yummy chocolate cookie jars. They any day sound more tempting than the age-old laddoos and kachoris. And then they're a favourite among the little ones too! So why look for anything else?

Thank You Notes With A Handmade Present
If you want to take the creative route, you can even pamper your guests with something handmade, say a DIY potli bag, a quirky wall hanging or a wooden nameplate. Along with it, you can pen down a sweet & customized thank you note on a piece of paper and make them feel that they’re special.

A Bunch of Scented Candles You can give your guests a stress-relieving & relaxing experience by adding some heavenly aromas to their homes. Just get a bunch of scented candles in your favourite scents, box them well and present it to your peeps! In case you know their preferences, it is even better!

Refreshing Planters Or Succulents Planning to go all eco-friendly on your wedding? Then steer clear of all those fancy gifts and treat your guests with a fresh & vibrant succulent instead. It will literally add up to the look and feel of their home. And then they always spread good vibes, so why not?

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Planning your Wedding amidst Lockdown

Without stating the obvious, we must collectively agree that the past year and a half has been absolutely challenging for all of us. The idea of wedding planning in lockdown never crossed our minds and whilst some parts of the world have moved on, the same cannot be said for the rest of us. The uncertainty, coupled with almost disbelief around the current situation is enough to cause us a lot of grief.

As difficult as the situation is though, it’s important to focus on the positives. Do know that you are not alone in this wedding planning journey. Many couples are experiencing the same emotions.

Times are blah, but there are a few things we can do whilst waiting for better and brighter days.

We promise we're going to make this enjoyable. So please stick around. Here are 5 wedding planning tasks to do in lockdown.


Book In Consultations
If you have hired a wedding planner, then brilliant, a lot of the hard work is already done for you! For those who haven’t though, I strongly encourage you to get organize immediately. Sadly, it will involve a bit of admin work, which means possibly postponing or re-shuffling dates and reviewing any existing contracts.

Perhaps you’re in the early stages though, then it’s time to get excited because we’re going to make wedding planning in lockdown fun! Start making arrangements and lock in dates, book your venue and schedule those consultations (online) with your preferred suppliers.


Don’t be surprised, but planners, venue coordinators, stylists, florists, cake decorators will all have a bit of spare time right now. Staying connected is easier than ever with Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp. We do also want to stress that just because you cannot travel abroad for your wedding shopping, does not mean that you should neglect shopping for your attire. You can also organize Virtual shopping dates in India and its brilliant!

 Find Inspiration

Again, another fun task to do in lockdown is finding visual inspiration. You can choose between Instagram, Pinterest or even wedding magazines. Stay inspired and start pinning or saving these images to your vision board.

My favourite thing about using Instagram or Pinterest especially, is that you can organize your boards and create categories or sections. Just remember as well that you don’t necessarily have to gather wedding related images. It could be colour swatches from your art shop or anything really. Creativity truly has no boundaries.

A lot of suppliers request you to share imagery with them as it helps them to define the overall vision for your wedding. Stylists, planners, florists, and decorators absolutely love clients who complete most of the groundwork for them.

Honestly, there’s no right or wrong here. You have loads of time in lockdown to tick this task off your list.

Have Fun

Having fun though, begins with looking after yourself. There are so many benefits to looking after your mental health and wellbeing during these trying times.

Let’s begin with health and fitness. We like to head over to YouTube for this and carry out a simple search for specific fitness routines. There are also free instructional yoga and meditation videos which is enough to get any beginner excited about keeping fit.

Foodie lovers, you’ll be thrilled to know that cake makers are arranging contactless delivery and pickup. This is a great way to taste test and review their style.

Other businesses you can also support right now are DJ’s and live performers. A lot of live artists are staging free shows in their living rooms! Or how about ordering some flowers from your favourite florists? Not only are you showing your support for their little business, but you can assess their style and determine whether they get the tick of approval. Best of all, their beautiful flowers brighten up your house for days. slice of cream layer cake with pink flowers and pink notepad

Prep Those Music Playlists

Following on from having fun in lockdown, it’s time to crank up the tunes! How many of you can’t survive working from home without having some form of music playing in the background? Okay, obviously it depends on the type of job you have of course. But seriously, listening to music will really lift your spirits. Studies have proven that listening to music can have psychological benefits, reducing any unwanted stress and improve your overall emotional health.

Now is the time to create amazing music playlists for your wedding. Personally, I love using Spotify, but there are others such as iTunes and again YouTube. Once you’re ready to party at your wedding, share the playlists with your DJ.

Lockdown life also means that you have more time to practice dance performances. For us South Asians in particular, we take our sangeet and reception party performances seriously. Local dance instructors and YouTube artists are taking this time out to share their talents with you online. Once again, you’re supporting these businesses from the comfort of your own home.

Create A Wedding Website
Are you one of those couples who had to postpone their wedding? Do not fear because We  have a solution for you – create a wedding website!

Having a wedding website is more important than ever as it allows you to communicate all the pivotal details to your guests. They can access information regarding your venue (or venues), maps, accommodation, timings, gift registry links and above all, track RSVP’s and dietaries.
Some of my personal favourites are Wedsites, The Knot and Wix. They’re mobile friendly too, so wedding guests can track all information on the go. Each of these wedding planning websites’ have a range of different tools you can use within their platforms and there are loads of beautiful templates to choose from.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and the constant back and forth emails with your wedding party or guests. Wedding websites are super easy to set up and helps you to streamline a lot of wedding planning tasks.

Once again, We want to express my concern for everyone who is currently impacted by Covid19, but I do want you to remain hopeful. You have the time and the capacity right now to focus on wedding planning tasks that matter to you and your partner. After all, wedding planning in lockdown should be fun! Have you got any additional tips to share with us? Let me know in the comments


Monday, 15 November 2021

Trending Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

You've booked your place, reserved the tables and chairs, and now comes the difficult part: filtering through the almost infinite supply of wedding table decorations to create your unique look. Even if you hired a wedding planner specifically to handle logistical specifics, you're not free of responsibility just yet. There's also the important task of nailing down your exclusive wedding vibe, vision, and budget, before moving on to the décor.

And, to make your décor planning a little easier, we've gathered 21 best wedding table decorations ideas to fit every theme. These picks make creating the ideal table setting fun, from floral setting and using foliage to fairy lights and OTT wedding centrepieces. Colours, mediums, and other elements can be mixed and matched to create stunning wedding table designs that are uniquely yours.

Trending Long Table Decoration Ideas for a Wedding

Traditionally, small dinner tables have been the thing at Indian weddings, long tables, however, not only look super chic but also have quite a few advantages over the traditional small tables. They're a wedding staple that makes grouping guests easy. Rectangular arrangements allow a more familial feel while still looking incredibly romantic. Using long, rectangular banquet tables instead of, or in addition to, traditional round tables is a perfect way to add some edge to your wedding reception décor. It's also a great option if you're planning a large wedding with a lot of guests, or a smaller wedding with a strong family feel.

Smaller weddings can use long table setting to hold guests together, whereas larger weddings can make the most of their space by setting up rows around the venue. A long head table is a big-day favourite at wedding receptions, even if you're not completely dedicated to banquet-style seating. This method will help you save money on table runners and centrepieces because you would need less of them. Long tables often stand out from the standard as compared to round tables. Furthermore, you will be able to connect with more people. Wondering what they should look like? Here's a set of stunning Long Wedding Table décor ideas for you!

Best Wedding Table Decoration Ideas - Round Ones!

Indian weddings have been traditionally beautiful and many of us aren’t too sure if we would want to mess with the essence of it. For those of you who wanna keep it traditional, round tables are your thing. Most wedding planners recommend using a table of 60-72 inches for they are more spacious than others. These tables can accommodate no more than three to seven people. However, they offer you ample space to let you get all creative at your wedding decorations and make them look gorgeous. Round tables are ideal for an intimate wedding setting but can work quite well even at large weddings when used in multiple numbers.

 A round table setting at your wedding will let your guests meet and greet each other but still have the space that they want. Having said that, when we say round table decor, we don't mean those flashy satin linens in simple colours like pink and white. Your round tables can be decorated with roses, beautiful centrepieces, and, of course, beautiful linen. All you have to do now is make sure it matches the rest of your furniture.

Latest Small Rectangular Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Another great table setting idea for your intimate wedding is to use small rectangular or square tables instead of round ones. These small rectangular tables are classy as well as chic and offer your guests a cosy setting to have their meal in. These easy to decorate tables with a seating capacity of about two to six people will look gorgeous at your wedding with the love of your life. Check out our favourite table decorations below if you're looking for ideas about how to decorate rectangular tables that aren't too long but only big enough to seat a certain number of people.

Popular Centerpieces Ideas for Wedding Table Decoration at Your Wedding

Any empty table present at your nuptials, no matter the finish, requires some kind of decoration to make it look truly wedding-worthy, whether round, square, rectangle or some other creative formation in between. Starting with something as simple as a tablecloth or a natural centrepiece can instantly turn your table from drab to dazzling.

Delicate centrepieces are old news now! It's all about the grandeur, over-the-top centrepieces that make wedding decor lavish. Table centrepieces are more than just a showpiece that will be overlooked later. They're all about showcasing your style and design, whether it's floral and branched ones for a rustic vibe, funky ones, terrariums for class, or massive opulent ones.

Gorgeous Floral Wedding Table Setting Ideas for a Perfect Nuptial Bliss

Indian Weddings (uh, weddings in general, we guess) and floral settings go hand in hand. Whether it’s your wedding outfits and wedding décor, we can’t overlook those pretty floral prints and patterns that make us fall in love with weddings a little more. We selected some perfectly crafted floral tables from weddings around the world for you to take inspirations from. So, what are you waiting for? You know both your and your would-be’s favourite flowers. Don’t you?

Wedding Table Décor with Lights Looks Just Magical!

Fairy lights, no matter where they are placed, are soothing. Decorative lights are always a good idea, whether they're used in a nice winter wedding or to a summery night-time affair. So why not incorporate them into your table seating arrangement? Here are some light-filled table decor ideas for weddings.


Final Words

There you go! These are the best wedding table decoration ideas for you for all table types and sizes. Hope you find the inspiration that you were looking for. Do let us know your favourite ones in the comment section on our social media platforms and follow us to be notified every time we upload a blog like this.

Friday, 12 November 2021

What To Wear When: Pastel Colored Outfits v/s Bold Colored Outfits

Time and time again the same question arises inside the heart of every to-be bride. The question is, “should I opt for a pastel-coloured outfit or should I go with a dark-coloured one?” With a plethora of outfit options out there, it is but normal to have this question pop up in your mind. But while having this question pop up is natural, where all we ladies struggle with is the answer. What should we pick for the wedding functions?

To find out the answer, you have to factor in a lot of things such as the time of the wedding ceremony, the gathering, your wedding jewellery and whatnot. So dear brides-to-be, scroll below and see what factors we have taken out which will help you make the right call between a pastel-coloured lehenga and a dark-coloured one!

When to Wear Pastel Bridal Outfits 

Pastel bridal outfits are a god-sent creation for numerous brides. All the colours which we could earlier just imagine have now become a reality for all to-be brides. From your mehendi function to your day wedding, this category is the ideal one when we talk about bridal outfits.


1. If you are having a day wedding function then look no further than a pastel-coloured bridal outfit. With so many different sorbet colour options available for brides nowadays, it seems fitting to go with this category than your dark-coloured bridal outfit.

2. If you want to pull off a minimalistic look then pastel bridal outfits will again win the round cuz of how soft and soothing the colour tones are. Ladies, we promise that you’ll make one hell of a bride!

3. If you truly want to surprise the wedding crowd then go ahead with your STUNNING pastel outfit. Everyone will be expecting you to don a quintessential dark red bridal outfit but we say that you ditch it for the candy colours!

4. Planning on wearing the most astounding jewellery? Then we suggest you stick with a pastel outfit so that your breathtaking jewels can pop and stand out.

5. If one of your wedding goals is to get dreamy pictures then your pastel bridal outfit can help you get those whimsical shots. Yes, all wedding photographers agree that pastel brides get one of the prettiest wedding shots!


1. One of the major cons of donning a pastel outfit is that you can end up looking underdressed. Yes, we know it is every bride’s worst nightmare!

2. While wearing a pastel bridal outfit sounds like the perfect option, if you by mistake spill something on your outfit or a guest does, the pictures are going to have that big stain on your gorgeous silhouette!

3. A lot of brides go with pastel options for their night functions but these brides also look flushed out because of the contrasting colours of the environment!

4. Pastel colours come out well on only a few types of fabrics, making it difficult for brides to don a velvet outfit or a silk one!



When to Wear Dark Coloured Bridal Outfits

Dark-coloured bridal outfits were the only kind of Indian outfits back when bridal couture started to exist. We’ve all grown up watching brides don the most beautiful dark tones on their wedding functions and that for all of us were bridal goals.



1. Whether it is a day function or a night one, you can always rely on a dark-coloured outfit to make you look like a million bucks. 

2. If you live by the quote, “more is more” then dark-coloured bridal outfits are your calling cuz nothing will make you look glamorous than a dark-coloured outfit will.

3. Whether you go with the same colour jewellery or you opt for a contrasting hue, all jewels look ravishing with dark-coloured outfits.

4. Ladies, camouflaging is a big plus with dark-coloured outfits especially if you’re a tad conscious about your figure or if you’re curvy and wouldn’t mind looking slimmer.

5. No matter what fabric you opt for, dark colours will come out exactly as you would have imagined on any fabric piece!



1. Ladies, your wedding outfit will steal all the focus if you opt for a dark-coloured one. That means that there are chances that all that stunning jewellery and makeup will not be in focus.

2. Dark-colored outfits don’t have a lot of experimentation to them so possible that your bridal look wouldn’t even be remembered after the function cuz of how similar all dark-coloured lehengas and sarees end up looking.

3. If you’re having a summer or a spring wedding, your outfit will look completely off with the ongoing season and weather!

4. Every single person present at the wedding function would be expecting you to don a dark-coloured outfit cuz that’s what most of the brides go with.

So ladies, pastels v/s dark - which type of bridal outfit are you gonna go with? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Connecting hearts and families together

In the country that homes people of varying ethnicities, Weddings are an affair of great  importance. Weddings in India shrines on the foundation of being extremely holy. Marriage is not a simple and straightforward process. It’s rather a vital turning point in every man and woman’s life. While the weddings across India are a representation of a unique cultural blend, the process of arranging the wedding, starting with finding a perfect match, remains similar to a great extent amongst the diversified people of India. Weddings in India is the union of two families and for weddings to succeed, it is important that matches are arranged amongst the families who share similar cultural values. The search for the perfect match begins when the realization seeps amongst family members that their child is old enough to marry. However crucial it is to find a perfect match appropriate of cultural fit, more often than not the process of finding a suitable match becomes strenuous for the matchmakers. 

Contrary to yesteryears, the decision to marry these days isn’t solely based on the shared parameters of religions, caste and families. The generation of today seeks partners with whom they could share their life interests and goals. Hence, after a series of meetings if both the partners agree the wedding gets finalized with a nod of approval from the family.  

With the changes in the societal structure around us. The advent of the Internet at the same time saw the rise of certain matrimonial sites in India and the emergent need for professional matchmaker in India rose higher than ever. Weddings in India are widely known for being ostentatiously flamboyant and opulent. However, intimate or lavish, weddings in India are an event to cherish and an experience to withhold. 

Matches might be made in heaven but in the population of billions let us help you find your suitable match. Try SJMS Bespoke Matrimonial matchmaking services to find your ''THE ONE'' . We believe choosing a life partner is a big and important decision, and hence we work towards giving a simple and secure matchmaking experience for you and your family.  

We are associated with successful professionals, industrialists, and common among all of them is that they are well-travelled, have a progressive thinking, are cosmopolitan in their outlook, belong to cultured families, have a fondness for the finer things in life and are looking for a like-minded life partner.