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Latest and Trending Engagement Ring Designs

 Latest and Trending Engagement Ring Designs

There are two things that couples carry forward in their marriage from their wedding celebration- one, their love, and second, their engagement rings. 

If you've decided to be with your partner your life, then your next step will probably be a proposal. And what makes a proposal a legit thing is, of course, an engagement ring. Getting engaged is a huge step in your life. Add the perfect ring to it, and you've got yourself a massive memorable moment. However, when you're securing the ideal engagement ring, there are many factors to consider including your budget and the ring's design. Economic reasons aside, putting a big, dull rock on your hand isn't going to win you many compliments. But when you have a unique ring design that screams 'you' from a mile away, then that super sparkly rock is totally worth it. 

The old rules have gone out the window – today, it’s all about the individual and the engagement ring that reflects their style, taste, and values. There is a sparkler out there for every budget. So if you’re planning to propose – or need to give your other half some ideas on what to buy – scroll down to check out various engagement ring designs to find your perfect match!

Latest and Trending Engagement Ring Designs

A Beautiful 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This gorgeous engagement ring is encrusted with three stones, one in the centre and the other smaller ones on the sides. It's one of the most common ring designs chosen for engagements and the rose-tinted gold band on the ring gives it a unique Violette shine that we love. 

 A Larger Than Life Yellow Diamond Ring

When it comes to gorgeous and large diamond rings, the best place to splurge is Tiffany & Co. This square yellow diamond is probably the perfect choice for someone who enjoys a flare of colour on their ring finger. 

Twinkling Blue Engagement Rings Never Disappoint

Minimal, elegant and gorgeous from every angle, this light blue sapphire and diamond ring is a great choice for those who wish for something minimal yet something that 

Unique Sapphire Baguette Ring

A gorgeous 3-carat blue sapphire set in 14k white gold makes this ring an absolute dream. It's a simple yet elegant way of conveying to your partner your faithfulness, honesty and sincerity. Furthermore, the minimal design of this ring is sure to charm your partner.


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