Friday, 29 July 2022

Real Brides Who Wore Maang Tikka & Passa Combination

 Real Brides Who Wore Mang Tikkas & Passas Together: Minimal to Oversized Designs

When it comes to a bride’s look on her wedding day, nothing is less. It's always, more is more, and for all the right reasons. After all, when are you going to be able to dress up like this again? Never right!? That’s why we think you should go all out and the easiest way to achieve that is by donning not just a maang tikka but also a passa on your big day. Yes, we think you should go with both pieces of jewellery for your big day. Not only will you look ravishing but everyone will remember your bridal look for years to come.

Scroll below to check out the brides who donned a maang tikka and passa together on their big day and nailed their bridal looks!

Real Brides Who Wore Maang Tikka & Passa Combination

Minimal Maang Tikka & Passa Designs 

If you want to opt for both the head jewellery pieces together but don’t want them to be the focal point in your bridal look, we recommend going for smaller-sized passa and maang tikka. It is literally the best of both worlds as you’ll be able to wear both the jewelry pieces without having them overpower your bridal look!

Oversized Passa & Maang Tikka Combo Ideas 

Now, if you’re a bride who likes oversized jewellery pieces and wants to highlight your jewellery or flaunt your heirlooms, we think you should opt for the biggest-sized passa and maang tikka. Go with an outfit that isn’t too heavy or is in a dark hue and we promise your overall bridal look will come out exceptionally well together!

Scroll below and take major inspiration from these real brides below!


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