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Pros and Cons of Having a Weekday Wedding!

 Pros and Cons of Having a Weekday Wedding!

Your wedding planning begins from the day your wedding date is finalized. And, a lot of factors are taken into account when picking the wedding date such as an auspicious time, whether the time of the year works for both of the families if it's cost-efficient and what not. But, despite all these things we can understand if you have reservations about having a weekday wedding. That’s why, to help you make the decision, we have come up with a pro and con list. Scroll below and see for yourself!

Pros & Cons of Having a Weekday Wedding

What are the Pros of a Weekday Wedding

1. Highly Cost Efficient

It's no surprise that having a weekday wedding is so much more cost-efficient compared to a weekend wedding. Not a lot of people get hitched during weekdays so you’ll have a lot of room for negotiations concerning the budget.

2. Vendors Will be Easily Available

Since not a lot of weddings take place on weekdays, the wedding vendors of your choice will easily be available to cater to your wedding. Be it the makeup artists or the wedding caterers, chances are you’ll be able to book your favourite ones without having to go back and forth with them.

3. Perfect For An Intimate Wedding

Since almost all of the guests will be working or will have other commitments, it might not be possible for everyone to be a part of your functions. This will work very well for you if you’re looking to have an intimate wedding. 

4. More Time for Setup

During the wedding season, vendors tend to take double bookings for the same dates. However, since you’ll be having a weekday wedding, the vendors will have more than enough time to focus on just your wedding and do everything with a free mind. Their creative juices will be at their max, ladies!

5. Additional Time for After Parties and Celebrations

The problem with weekend weddings is that people have work the next day or are not able to take more time off their schedule. But, if you have a weekday wedding, they will anyway be taking extra leaves. Use this to your advantage and extend your functions to after parties!

What are the Cons of a Weekday Wedding

1. A Lot of Guests Might Cancel

If you’re looking at having a grand wedding, chances are you’re gonna hear a lot of nos from your guests. Not a lot of the guests will be able to take leaves from their work or shift their schedule according to your weekday wedding functions.

2. Celebrations Can End Earlier 

If you have plans of extending your wedding until the wee hours then we ask you to reconsider cuz those of your guests who will be able to make it to your weekday wedding may not stay still long. Everyone will be in a rush so that their next day is not ruined.

3. You May Need a Later Starting Time for the Rituals

Again, as your wedding will be taking place on weekdays, a chunk of your wedding party may be heading straight from work or may go to work, go home and get ready then make it to your functions. This puts you in a fixed cut which means that all the rituals will start at a later time.

4. Vendors May Not Be On Top of Their Game

As a lot of vendors might not be doing work on the weekdays, chances are that their team members may have other commitments or other gigs to cater to. While the vendor may take the booking but it may be a possibility that they might not have their A team for your wedding functions.


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