Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Here’s How You Can Incorporate Roses at Your Wedding

 Here’s How You Can Incorporate Roses at Your Wedding

When we talk about an Indian wedding, somewhere or the other we can imagine roses being implemented. Whether a bride is getting this flower put in her bridal hairdo or using it as a decor element on her big day. So, if you too can imagine one of the most traditional flowers at your wedding but want to implement it wherever you can scroll below. Brides, some of these rose elements are so unique and good that you won’t be able to help but simply run at these suggestions!

Here’s How You Can Include Roses At Your Wedding

Roses for Your Decor

The decor that you choose for your wedding functions has to be well thought out. It defines the taste of you and your other half so obviously, a lot has to go into the planning of the decor. If you guys enjoy a romantic vibe that also executes a sophisticated and elegant vibe, we recommend opting for the popular roses for the wedding decor. Ladies, not only will it look beautiful but will also smell divine!





Roses for Your Bridal Hairdo

Rose is probably the most popular choice for brides when we talk about the bridal hairdo. The intense colour of the flower comes out so well whether you pair baby's breath flowers or some other colour of flowers with roses. So, whether you wear a red bridal outfit or even a pastel one, trust roses to amp up your bridal hairdo.

Roses for Your Floral Jewellery
If you want to wear floral jewellery for your mehendi function or your haldi function, we recommend opting for rose floral jewellery. Well for one, roses look fabulous no matter in what shade. Secondly, we’ve seen so many new variations of rose floral jewellery that the options out there are plenty. Scroll below to see how these real brides slew in their rose floral jewellery below. 

Rose Kaleeras For Your Big Day
Ladies, you’d be shocked to hear that the trends have really changed and now rose kaleeras are a thing. And, this does include both the metal kaleeras with roses and those real rose kaleeras that are trending like anything right now. These are perfect if you’re looking to add freshness to your overall bridal look. Scroll below to take major inspiration from these real brides!


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