Sunday, 29 May 2022

Check Out These Real Brides Who Looked Ravishing in a Manish Malhotra Gowns!

 Check Out These Real Brides Who Looked Ravishing in a Manish Malhotra Gowns!

It's a given fact that when it comes to the cocktail or reception function, brides like to go all out and opt for ravishing gowns. While we know many brides who opt for lehenga and sarees too but a chunk of them love to trot around in bridal gowns. Talking about gowns, designer Manish Malhotra has lately become the go-to designer for bridal gowns. Malhotra has over the years presented such an immaculate collection of gowns that brides cannot help but pick one for their cocktail or reception function. And, if you too are excited by the designer’s own collection and want to don one of his designs for your nuptial ceremonies then scroll below and check out these real brides. From gowns with sequins work to ones with embellishments, here’s a list of our favourite MM gowns of all times!

Real Brides in Manish Malhotra Gowns

Gowns With Embellishments

Well if there’s one thing that takes a gown to a whole new level, it is embellishments. While you do have the silhouette, embroidery work, and sequins to do their magic but embellishments are that addition that simply amps up your overall look. Scroll below to check out these drop-dead gorgeous Manish Malhotra embellished gowns!

Gowns With Sequins Work

Manish Malhotra is known for his sequins work. The designer has time and time again shown us how beautiful sequins can look if implemented correctly. Apparently, his gowns with sequins work are the most popular choice amongst all the brides. Scroll below to see some variations of them below!

Gowns That Have Threadwork

Malhotra hasn’t made a lot of gowns that have threadwork but the few that he has made are absolutely divine. These gowns are sophisticated, subtle and perfect for the modern bride.

We love how these real brides have slayed in their MM gowns!


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