Friday, 25 March 2022

Foliage Varmalas Are Trending & How!

 Foliage Varmalas Are Trending & How!

Exchanging the varmala is one of the oldest wedding traditions and it is believed as a symbol of acceptance of ritual by the bride and the groom. In ancient times, the flower options for the varmala were very limited but now there are a plethora of flowers you can opt for. And, if you want to be unconventional then we’ve found the perfect jaimala option for you. Introducing foliage varmalas!

Foliage varmalas are varmalas made of collective leaves. These give a super exotic look, are unconventional and if you’re having a day wedding then this varmala is the perfect option. Scroll below to see the different types of foliage varmalas you can go with for your upcoming 2022 wedding!

Popular Foliage Varmalas For 2022 Weddings

Foliage Varmalas With Hints of Flowers

Foliage in itself is very beautiful but if you’d like a little bit of colour to your varmala, we suggest opting for this category. The little flowers in between the foliage look so good and pop out so well that you’ll have something unconventional and beautiful at the same time. Scroll below to check out these real brides’ foliage jaimala with flowers.

Elegant Foliage Varmalas

If you’re not a fan of those heavy varmalas, we suggest that you opt for elegant foliage jaimala. Ladies, these sleek varmalas look very sophisticated and if you’re planning on having a day wedding, then these varmalas are a perfect choice!

Thick Foliage Varmalas

They say go big or go home for a reason!

If you want to go all out with your varmala, we recommend going with thick foliage jaimala designs. These are loud, statement-making and beautiful. And, if you and your to-be husband are donning a dark color on the wedding day then the foliage varmala is going to look epic!


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