Monday, 28 March 2022

Best Botanical Mandaps For 2022 Weddings

When it comes to the wedding decor, mandap is the most important thing to focus on. For one, that’s where the real magic is going to happen. Secondly, your guests may or may not notice any other decor trend but they sure will notice the mandap. This is why we say that giving in to trending things is probably the best thing. And, nothing is trending more than a botanical mandap right now.

Botanical mandaps are mandaps that are adorned with flowers, leaves, and all things tropical. These are no ordinary floral mandaps but a fancier version of them. So, if you are intrigued, scroll below and check out some botanical mandaps that are gorgeous!

Best Botanical Mandaps For 2022 Weddings

Classic Botanical Mandaps

For years we have seen those classic botanical mandaps at real weddings that have fresh colourful flowers and a good chunk of greens. These mandaps are probably the safest choice to go with whether you’re having a day wedding or a night one. So, if you want to stick to the mandap you have grown up seeing, we recommend opting for a classic botanical mandap just like these!                                                                                                             



Exotic Pink Mandaps

While you may have seen those pastel pink mandaps for day weddings, recently exotic pink mandaps have come into the limelight. Ladies, these mandaps are perfect for those who want to make a statement with the decor at their wedding. Oh, and these look simply breathtaking during the daytime!

Scroll below and see our top picks of exotic pink mandaps.            


 Foresty Mandaps

If you’ve always been fascinated by rustic decor then foresty mandaps are for you. Foresty mandaps are those mandaps that have a rustic vibe, natural elements like tree barks, grapevines, and flowers. These mandaps are simply perfect for intimate weddings, beachside weddings, and also for boho-themed weddings!                        


Minimalistic White Floral Botanical Mandaps

While there are couples who enjoy having all things bold at their wedding ranging from the outfits to the decor, there are a plethora of couples who enjoy the minimalistic decor and for them, we recommend these gorgeous mandaps with muted hues. Not only are these mandaps easy on the eyes but these are also trending like anything!     


Tropical Botanical Mandaps

Mad Hatter couples, where you at?

These tropical mandaps are like a match made in heaven for y’all! From elements such as banana leaves to pampas grass, a lot of unique materials are used to create an exotic vibe. So, if you and your other half are fans of all things eccentric then we strongly recommend opting for tropical botanical mandaps similar to the ones we have listed below.



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