Sunday, 13 February 2022

Groom Squad, Bookmark These Photos With The To-Be Groom

 Groom Squad, Bookmark These Photos With The To-Be Groom

Dear to-be grooms, we know the excitement is on the next level for your big day and one of the major reasons for that (apart from being with the love of your life) is your bro squad. These dudes will make sure that from the day your wedding gets fixed to the moment you get hitched, you have the time of your life. And, what better way to honour these amazing men in your life than by getting tons of amazing and memorable photos with them on the most special days of your life. So, if you’re looking for photo inspiration, we have found some amazing groom squad photo ideas for the 2022 wedding season. Scroll below and take inspo from them!

Best Dapper Shots With Your Best Men

Baraat Photos That You Will Cherish Forever

For the groom, his baraat is probably the most fun and exciting part of the wedding. After all, you get to watch your loved ones dance for you, get drunk and enjoy their hearts out. Baraats are also the one time when you will get the happiest and most honest photos with your groomsmen. We say take advantage of this part and get the most amazing photos with your best buds.

Scroll below to take inspiration from these real grooms at their baraats!

Don’t Forget Bout The Candid Shots

Candid photos are fun, exciting and at no time can these photos be planned. You’ve just gotta be in your element to get candid shots with your loved ones. So, have your brothers close and we promise that those amazing candids will be hung at your home! Scroll below and check out some bro candid shots that are simply amazing.

Dance Your Heart Out With Your Bros

Dear to-be grooms, your brothers aka #groomsquad have waited their entire lives to dance at your wedding so their excitement is going to be over the moon. Seize the opportunity and ask the wedding photographer to always be close to getting those golden shots with your best friends.

You’ll Get The Best Photos At Your Haldi Function

Your gang will be in their true element at the haldi function because of multiple reasons such as this one is one of the fun functions and the feeling of happiness one feels for the best friend. So, it is only natural how beautiful your photos will come with your best friends on this function. Pose your heart out and you’re gonna get some amazing shots!

Scroll below and check out these fun and stupendous photos!

Pose With The Gang

Ah, finally we come to the easiest category in which you will get the best shots for sure. Boys, you all need to simply pose together and voila! Get ready to have some perfect and memorable photos with the groom on the big day. And, to prep you all, we have found some dapper shots that you sure can bookmark for your own gang!


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