Friday, 21 January 2022

TRENDING: All Floral Wall Décor Ideas we Spotted at Weddings

 Florals Florals on the wall, they look the prettiest of them all! Having dreadful mid-week blues and that's the most creative line I could come up with to start this beauty-bundled blog. 

You all know we can never stop flooding you with wedding inspiration and any points for guessing that we are back with another decoration ideas blog. It is one of our most favourite categories after all! So, today we introduce you to a trend that has been here for quite a while but has not got your attention yet. Well, we are talking about flower-embedded walls.

Flowers, as you all know, are an imperative part of Indian weddings. Right from the boisterous decorations to the dainty wedding elements like jaimalas - the presence of flowers is inevitable. And nothing makes us merrier to know that wedding decorators are constantly coming up with breathtakingly innovative floral decoration ideas. And one such is the trend of flower-embedded walls. Mostly used as photo backdrops, flower-embedded walls are a not-so-mainstream decor element you can have at your wedding. A plethora of flowers bunched together into a wall look surreal and take your wedding photographs to the next level. Without writing much, let us show you some exuberant flower wall designs for wedding decoration.

Best Floral Wall Decor Ideas for Weddings

Pastels Abloom!

"Straight out of a dreamland!" This couple exchanging jaimala amid the picturesque floral setup splayed with pastel-hued blooms is definitely what you need to seek inspiration from! 

A Touch of Contemporary Hues!

Setting some major decor goals is this utterly-gorgeous couple portrait against the chicest all-floral wall we've ever seen. The choice of flower colours had us smitten at the very first glance.


Romantic Reds!

The all-red floral wall amped with a monogram guarantees the dreamiest wedding snaps!

Ombre Floral Wall

As much as we love this bride's uber-cool DJ avatar, we are also smitten with that all-floral ombre backdrop! And that neon hashtag signage is further adding to the glorious setup.

For The Love Of Red!

Here's yet another swoon-worthy couple portrait proving the prowess of an all-floral backdrop.

The Sunshine of Sunflowers

Do you adore sunflowers or want to go beyond the quintessential Genda Phool decorations for the Haldi/Mehndi ceremony? Take a cue from this bride's jovial portrait.

Neon Signage + Floral Embedded Wall = Sheer Gorgeousness!

We're head over heels in love with this splendid wedding decor idea! The wall of flowers in the hues of pinks looks dreamy beyond words.

Hints of Pinks and White

A floral wall embedded with white and pink blooms can instantly take your wedding decor and photos a notch above. Here's proof!

Opulence Overload

Contrasting red and green floral embedded wall is serving as the most befitting backdrop for this opulent wedding snippet.

Floral Galore

The duo of florals and lush greens is unmatchable when it comes to wedding decor, especially for a backdrop wall!

Even Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani Had It!

This palatial glimpse from the most talked-about wedding ever shows the grandiose of an all-floral decor. Look behind the flower-embellished palki, and you will see a majestic wall adding oodles of charm to the whole wedding ambience.

The Haldi-Ready Flower Walls

Whether you wanna go all monotone like Ankita Lokhande, or with a tad bit of colour contrast like the other couple - the choice is yours. Either way, you are gonna get a fantastic backdrop.

Pastel Floral Walls For Anand Karaj

We love Anand Karaj ceremonies for their blissful and serene vibes, you can swear by pastel floral decor including an all-floral to complement them. This picture is a perfect testament!

The Multi-hued Delight

This backdrop wall covered with the prettiest flowers in various hues is a fine depiction of unique wedding decor done with utmost perfection. But, that cutesy doggo steals the show! :D


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