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The Best Wedding Themes for 2021

 Your wedding day is the best day of your life, and you want to do it in the best possible way, which is why theme based weddings are a major hit these days! What would you choose as your Indian wedding theme? A fairytale wedding, beach wedding, or nature-inspired wedding, there are endless options.

We have curated a list of 16 best wedding themes that you will surely like and will bookmark for your wedding or a closed one’s wedding. Take a look and start planning your wedding.    

The Best Wedding Themes for 2021

Dreamy Wedding Theme

Imagine a perfect weather, stunning floral arrangements, setting up the venue as nothing less than a fairy tale: a dreamy wedding theme for your d-day. Choose this attractive theme and have a fairytale wedding to make your dreams come true. 

Royal Rajasthani Theme

Popularly known as the ‘Rajwada Wedding Theme’, this is my personal favourite. Add a little ‘Apno Rajasthani’ touch to your wedding with a colourful folksy decor using lots of bandhani, clay pots, vases, wind chimes or royal art pieces. You can even arrange traditional Rajasthani folk dances to delight the guests. Boost the atmosphere with bright fireworks and give a perfect royal touch to your wedding. 

Mughlai Wedding Theme

If you are planning to have a wedding just like the Lucknow Nawabi style, but you can’t make it to Lucknow? Well, how about you bring the Nawabi style to you?

Ask your wedding planner to decorate your wedding venue like a royal palace covered with glass, look for the caterers who serve delicious Awadhi cuisine. Welcome your guests with Ittar for a perfect Lucknowi ambience and make them feel magnificent. For the outfits of the bride and groom, you can use hand embroidered fabric. 

Beach Wedding Theme

Want to have a theme wedding as well as a small family trip? Go for a destination beach wedding at your favourite place which has become one of the most popular Indian Wedding themes. And if you are having a summer wedding, then this theme is perfect to just hit that beach. The bride and groom can go for a summery floral outfit for their wedding day. 

Minimal Indian Wedding Theme

While we are fans of the grand wedding decor, we also love weddings with minimal decoration. There is something so perfect in seeing couples do things with utmost simplicity. Choose a light colour palette for the wedding decor which looks simple and elegant. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then use glass hangings or baubles to decorate the wedding venue. So, here is a minimal theme wedding idea which you can have to keep everything simple. 

Bohemian Indian Wedding Theme

For the free-spirited couple, a Bohemian wedding theme is the best theme idea. This theme is beautiful, and serene. The Bohemian theme is all about creativity,vibrant colours, free souls and an ambience with a free vibe to give a boho feel to your wedding. If you’re the free spirited couple, then you know this is your wedding theme! 

Rustic Wedding Theme

Do you love an all natural wedding theme for your d-day? So, let’s give a rustic charm to your wedding which is currently super trending. Imagine your mandap ornamented with banana leaves or flowers, your wedding invites tied with jute strings. The idea is to use a lot of browns and whites in the whole decor to give it a rustic and a vintage touch. Have large chandeliers made of leaves and twinkling fairy lights to provide the perfect backdrop. 

Nature Inspired Wedding Theme

The nature-inspired wedding theme is the second most loved decor amongst the people in India. Rather than hosting an indoor wedding, choose a wedding in a natural environment such as an outdoor garden. It is a beautiful theme and creates a very beautiful environment. 


Travel- Based Wedding Theme

If you and your partner love to travel, then why not have a travel-based wedding theme for your d-day? A travel themed wedding with a calligraphed globe as table centerpieces, a passport style wedding invite for the guests and compass stickers to guide the directions for the wedding venue is a brilliant idea. I’m sure with all these you’ll have a pleasant traveller style wedding and impress your guests. 

Classic Red Indian Wedding Theme

Red is the colour of love, passion and strength. The red wedding theme ideas are perfect for bringing a sense of romance and intensity to your d-day. We are sharing our favourite real wedding ideas to prove this colour goes way beyond every theme decor. 

Flamingo Wedding Theme 

Flamingos are an epitome of unusual attraction in pretty hues adorned with grace and sheer beauty. Have massive Flamingo installations decked up at your venue to mark a Flamingo themed decor. You can also have enchanting photo backdrops inspired by Flamingo elements, or flamingo origami hangings around the wall or you could just throw a FLAMINGO POOL PARTY!! 

Sparkling Mirror Indian Wedding Theme 

How about having a shimmery or sparkling mirror theme wedding? 

Mirror in your wedding decor is something that so many planners are nowadays indulged in. They go for mirror designed mandaps decorated with floral arrangements that look unconventional. You can also get a shower of mirror strings and have your tabletop made of mirrors. 

Pink Colour Wedding Theme

Gone are the days when pink was just a standard girly colour! The new trend of pink hues has been so popular these days that people are in love with this colour. Keep your wedding decor in different shades of pink which look breathtakingly enchanting. The bride can coordinate her pink colour outfit with her bae or with her squad and look perfect. 

Outdoor Garden Wedding Theme

For couples who love to say their eternal wedding vows in the natural environment, the outdoor garden wedding is for them. Ask your wedding planner to choose a wedding venue which reflects the theme. Use logs for seating and tables on the wedding day, arrange bonfires for the sangeet day. So, our eco-friendly couples, these are some of the great ideas that you can choose from.


Be it a destination wedding or a lavish wedding affair locally, we at SJMS are here to always help you from start to end to convert your wedding into a dream wedding.

So, have you chosen the wedding theme for your big day? Which wedding theme did you like the most? Share it with us in the comments section below.


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