Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Interesting Thank You Favors for Wedding Guests

 Now that you’re done & dusted with your wedding shenanigans, it’s time you thank those special ones, without whom your big day wouldn’t have been as special. Yes, we’re talking about your beloved guests who added all the fun & life to your blissful nuptials. From travelling all their way to your wedding festivities to setting the stage on fire with their non-stop dancing and lending you a helping hand in planning every little and big event, your guests left no stone unturned to make your wedding a memorable affair. And for all the love & affection they poured you with, they definitely deserve a token of thanks. No, not those cliche mithai ka dabbas but some wedding thank you gifts for your guests that are unique yet meaningful! Down here we’ve listed some of the best thank you gifts for your guests. Shower your favourite people with the quirkiest one and let them know they matter!

Interesting Thank You Favors for Wedding Guests

A Basket Full of Goodies What works better than a basket loaded with edible tasty treats? Sounds interesting? Well, all you've gotta do is pick a huge basket or a potli bag and get it stuffed with yummy munchies like caramelized popcorns, a handful of granola bars, nachos or potato chips. Trust us, your guests would totally relish it!

A Personalised Hamper Since personalized gifts are the new fad, how about you gift your guests a cute personalized hamper that instantly reminds them of your wedding and all the madness. It could be personalized T-shirts, fancy monogrammed wine bottles, or maybe photo frames along with handwritten notes (that's what Ranveer & Deepika gifted to their guests).

Something for their Home Decor A stunning lampshade, ornate floral vases, picturesque paintings or any other unique home decor element can make for a great thank you gift for your guests. It will not only find a special place in their homes but their hearts too.

Scrumptious Cookie Jars Put those usual bhaji boxes aside and replace them with yummy chocolate cookie jars. They any day sound more tempting than the age-old laddoos and kachoris. And then they're a favourite among the little ones too! So why look for anything else?

Thank You Notes With A Handmade Present
If you want to take the creative route, you can even pamper your guests with something handmade, say a DIY potli bag, a quirky wall hanging or a wooden nameplate. Along with it, you can pen down a sweet & customized thank you note on a piece of paper and make them feel that they’re special.

A Bunch of Scented Candles You can give your guests a stress-relieving & relaxing experience by adding some heavenly aromas to their homes. Just get a bunch of scented candles in your favourite scents, box them well and present it to your peeps! In case you know their preferences, it is even better!

Refreshing Planters Or Succulents Planning to go all eco-friendly on your wedding? Then steer clear of all those fancy gifts and treat your guests with a fresh & vibrant succulent instead. It will literally add up to the look and feel of their home. And then they always spread good vibes, so why not?


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